I am an international Design & Marketing manager.

I work with top management to put together and manage a marketing strategy that reflects the objectives of the company, establishing a clear relationship between design, brand identity and tactical and operational marketing.

Who might benefit?


My consultancy work as a Design & Marketing Manager is aimed at those companies that use - or would like to use - design, technological innovation and creativity as the tools with which they develop their markets and/or their brands.


I work directly with the company, in-house, because I know that to bring true added value you need a 360° vision of the situation you only get when you are on the spot.

Working with Raffaella Scaciga, proprietor of Moro - Crodo, july 2014



I manage and implement all phases of the Design & Marketing Management process from within the client company.


I was born in Verbania in 1966.

I graduated with full honours in Economics from the University of Turin and obtained an International Master in Marketing, Communication and Sales Techniques from the Rhône-Alpes C.F.C. again with full honours.

Over a two-decade career I have worked in Italy and abroad for major international companies (including Lagostina s.p.a.; Compex s.a.; Guy Degrenne s.a.) as Brand Manager, Marketing and Sales Director and Branch Managing Director.

Since May 2010, I have been a Design & Marketing Manager and a University Lecturer in marketing and design management (Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan).


Added value

I believe my added value as a Design & Marketing Manager consists of being qualified, competent, capable and determined to get the job done.

What I know how to do well is to put together a successful marketing and to exploit design as the most visible lever available to a company for robust, sustainable growth based on a clear and consistent strategy: the design of the product enhances the value of the brand, which in turn increases the value of the product.

The objective is always that of allowing the company to sell better and to sell more, to achieve improved margins and to gain a clear and defendable market position.

In a strategic meeting with the Gardesa management - Milan – design week, april 2014


Nowadays I work together:
Carmelo D’Andrea
Carmelo D’Andrea
Mariateresa Moro
Mariateresa Moro
President Assograniti
Fulvio Ravagnani
Fulvio Ravagnani
Antonella del Sole
Antonella del Sole
Marketing Manager ASSA ABLOY Italia
Raffaella Scaciga
Raffaella Scaciga
Moro Serizzo
Davide Crippa
Ghigos Ideas

Above all, I use design as a privileged tactical lever for success on international markets and in order to reinforce the corporate brand.


l u c a m a r i a a n t o n i n i

I work from within the company, that's just my own desk…

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